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Should athletes be held to higher moral standards?

                                         Standard of Athletes

                         NFL Ben Troupe on Raising the Standards

Young kids often look up to athletes, both professional and collegiate, as heroes who they wish to be like in the future. Athletes influence kids, especially those considered to be disadvantaged minorities, and those who demonstrate higher than average talents. Is the basis for their responsibility and accountability to act morally? When athletes engage in unethical and immoral activities, such as steroids or drugs, they demonstrate to those that look up to them that it is okay, or cool,many will indulge in the same or similar unethical behaviors exhibited by their hero athletes.
However, the worshiping of athletes can come with great responsibility.

The heavy influence of a Pro Athlete can lead to young children and young athletes to focus solely on athletic goals, rather than academic goals

 Many young athletes who emulate pro athletes as there role models and hero often have unrealistic goals of becoming professional athletes themselves when they do not always have the talent or work ethic required. Also, when these specific athletes make unethical choices many of there young athletes and children will indulge in the same or similar unethical behaviors exhibited by their hero athletes. discipline, dedication, excellence, and perseverance. These basic values go along with the moral compass that athletes are held to and the basis to why professional and collegiate athletes are used as examples for youth athletes
Today’s greatest successes can become tomorrow’s history. Is there no one left to serve as a true role model for our youth?

Kids Nation Magazine dug deep into the lives of several influential athletes hoping to uncover the importance of "Raising the Standards" on and off the playing field.These athletes have gone above and beyond the ordinary in order to as role models for our youth.
Pro Players Promo is proud to highlight one of it's own.... former NFL Tight end, Ben Troupe.

In this addition you will hear how NFL Ben Troupe set out to Raise the Standards both on and off the field. For Ben "Raising the Standards" was a way of life, the NFL only allowed for him to have a larger platform to educate, inspire,and motivate the youth of today through speaking.

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